The Seller's Journey

The Seller's Journey

Selling your home should not cause you endless amounts of stress. I will work my hardest to ensure selling your home will be at least stressful as possible for you. Are you ready for a selling experience you'll actually enjoy? Then you have come to the right broker because I'm all about making selling your home easy.

The thought of going through the selling process might not exactly sound exciting - but for me, it is! I love getting to know my clients, making recommendations to prep your home for the sale and helping in any way possible.

Here's what you can expect when you decide to buy a home with me:

1. Create A List:

Selling your home can be stressful. Whether or not the home has sentimental value or deep roots, it can be an extremely emotional time for some. Make a list of all your requirements for selling. This will allow for us to have an easier time understanding the selling process that will allow us to be on the same page through the whole journey!

2. Our Initial Meeting:

Once you have a general idea of the current situation, the timeline to sell or whether or not you're looking for another home is important. During our first meeting it is the perfect time for us to grab a coffee and get to know each other. The more I know about you, the easier it will be for me to sell your home.

3. Open Houses:

Let the open houses begin! This may be one of the most stressful times for sellers. Having multiple strangers walk through your home while you're not there. Try not to worry too much. I will be at your home for the entirety of the showings, and we'll do our utmost best to make sure your home is respected when potential buyers come to an open house.

4. Reviewing Offers:

I work hard at making sure we review all offers that come in together. From time to time, someone putting in an offer may low ball, but don't worry about these offers. We will not accept any offer unless it satisfies you! In the heated real estate market we currently seem to be in, you may end up in a bidding war. This can become a stressful time as multiple people will be competing for your home! In this case, we will work to review all offers and make a decision to select the most beneficial one!

5. You Accept An Offer:

As a real estate agent, this is one of my favorite times for my sellers. After acceptance, your deposit will be dropped off at the brokerage. From here, we'll ensure that all of your conditions are met within the agreed upon time frame. Once all outlined conditions have been met you will officially have sold your home!

6. Closing & Moving:

It's official! You've finally sold your home. If you've sold and purchased a new home, you will have to meet with your lawyer to sign the final documentation and the keys will be yours. When you receive the keys you'll be able to move in.

7. Always Here To Answer Your Questions:

Even after you're settled into your new home, I'm happy to answer any questions you have about homeownership. I can also recommend plenty of trusted local professionals to help turn your house into a home.
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