The Seller's Journey

The Seller's Journey

Selling your home with Kelsi and Co will eliminate the dreaded stress associated with selling your home. Our team creates a thorough and tailored experience for you and your family to ensure you are comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. And,  we promise you'll even have some fun along the way! Please put your trust in us, we will take care of you and your needs every step of the way.

Our team is extremely passionate about selling real estate. We love getting to know our clients, bringing recommendations on how we can prepare the house for sale, and always going above and beyond to ensure your home is showcased perfectly.

Here's what you can expect when you sell your home with us:

1. Create A List:

Whether or not your home has sentimental value or deep roots, it can still be an extremely emotional process and we recogize that. We ask that you create a list of all your requirements and expectations for selling your home. This will help us to have a better understanding of your needs and wants so we may remain on the same page throughout the entire journey.

2. Our Initial Meeting & Preparation:

Once you have a general idea of your current situation, timeline to sell and whether or not you're looking for another home, then it may be time to set up a meeting. Our first meeting is about getting to know one another and touring your home. The more we can learn about you, the easier it will be for us to sell your home. Please don't be afraid to share the nitty-gritty with us, we are here as your confidants and our goals are to make you as happy as possible. Once we create a plan, we will provide a timeline for staging (if needed), photographs, and paperwork.

3. Open Houses/Showings:

Time to open up your doors! This is often one of the most stressful times for the sellers - having multiple strangers walk through your home when you're not there. Try not to worry too much as this is common practice, and each person viewing the home will be accompanied by a licensed Realtor. For Open Houses, we will be at your home for the entirety, and do our utmost best to make sure your home is respected when potential buyers come through.

4. Reviewing Offers:

It is our goal to ensure we review all offers that come in, together. We thoroughly review each one with you and ensure you are aware of all of the details outlined. In a hot sellers market, as we are in now, we will often receive multiple offers at once. This can sometimes become overwhelming but also very exciting for the seller. We take care of all of the organization around negotiations, phone calls, paperwork, etc and provide you with the highest quality advice when it comes time to make a decision and accept an offer.

5. You Accept An Offer:

As a real estate agent, this is one of our favourite times for our sellers. After acceptance, your deposit will be dropped off by the buyer at our brokerage. From here, we'll ensure that all of your conditions are met within the agreed upon time frame. Once all outlined conditions have been met you will officially have sold your home! Congratulations!

6. Closing & Moving:

It's official - you've finally sold your home! If you've sold and then purchased a new home, you will be required to meet with your lawyer to sign the final documentation and get your new keys. When you receive the keys, which is typically in the afternoon, you'll be able to move in :-)

7. Always Available To Answer Your Questions:

Even after you're settled into your new home, we are happy to answer any questions you have about homeownership. We can also recommend plenty of trusted local professionals to help turn your house into a home.

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