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Almost 15 years ago, our founder Kelsi, started working for a real estate brokerage as an Administrator. She quickly fell in love with the industry and decided to get her Real Estate license in 2011. From there, she began building her business and turned it into a full-time career. After a few very successful years, Kelsi decided she needed a team. It quickly turned into a family affair once Kelsi’s husband Andrew and Cousin Kaylin joined the team. With the team continuining to grow the help of an Operation Manager was needed from Kelsi's longtime friend Stephanie and they haven't looked back since. Our incredible team dynamic attributes to our drive and motivation in helping our clients find their perfect real estate investment.

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Operations Manager

Stephanie Polisak

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Broker | Team Leader

Kelsi Cumberland

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Sales Representative

Andrew Demers

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Sales Representative

Kaylin Rivers


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