December 17, 2021

Open House Etiquette

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Kelsi Cumberland

Open House Etiquette

Don’t snoop

People put away their important personal info and items for a reason, so while you are browsing through a home you could potentially buy, be sure to only view what has been put on display for you. This means, not opening drawers and cupboards, especially in bedrooms, and paying attention to any areas of the home that are off limits. If you wouldn’t want someone snooping through your own things, you can understand why a seller would have an issue with random strangers poking through their personal items.


It might sound kind of silly or even straightforward, but it’s always a good idea to ask the realtor or homeowner if they’d like you to take your shoes off before entering the home. Chances are, they’ll say yes. If you think about it, their home is on display for however many people decide to come through an open house or private viewing. If everyone tracked dirt or outside debris in, the seller would be cleaning even more often than they already are, to try and keep the place in pristine condition. Just put yourself in the sellers shoes.. pun intended!


Of course, your kids are more than welcome to attend an open house or viewing considering they may actually be living in the home; naturally you’d want to have them around to share their opinions.. good or bad! Just remind them about manners, taking off shoes, not touching the sellers personal items/opening drawers or cupboards, etc. Keep noise levels down and remind them not to run through the home – it can be distracting to the other people who could potentially be looking around at the same time. Those reminders could go for energetic adults as well..


Some potential buyers may have a plan to go & see a few open houses on a weekend. Others may not know about them in advance, or they may live close by and see the sign during a walk around the neighbourhood with their family pet. If they discover the open house during their walk, they may choose to just bring their pet along, too. If they have someone with them, you could politely ask that one stays outside while they other person has a look around and then swap. Some sellers are allergic to dogs/cats, have a fear of them, or simply don’t want the added mess they may bring in on their cute, furry paws.


When you’re checking out a potential home, of course you’re going to have some opinions about it; the appearance, upkeep, renovations or lack thereof, cleanliness, etc. When you’re house hunting, you’re going to experience a lot of different homes. As a common courtesy, keep your thoughts and opinions (especially the candid ones) to yourselves until you’re finished checking out the home. Especially if you’re interested in making an offer; you really never know who is listening!


You are always encouraged and more than welcome to share feedback with the realtor/broker who is showing the home – this is very valuable and important so we know how the house shows, etc. Let’s hear about your opinions, what you think shows well, if you’re thinking of the property as a potential home for yourself & your family, etc. We’re happy to hear it all!

These tips will help you during your search for your next home, the only missing component is.. me! I’m always happy to help with any real estate needs. If you want to chat about the current market, are thinking of buying or selling, or have any questions, I’m here! 905.320.8828 |

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