December 20, 2021

Critters In Your New Home: Now What?

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Kelsi Cumberland

Critters In Your New Home: Now What?

Finding a home can be a long, sometimes difficult process so the least amount of unwanted stress is ideal.

You finally find your dream home after months of online searches, in-person viewings, and negotiations. The offer goes in & is accepted; success! All should go smoothly at this point, right? It should, but that is not always the case, unfortunately. Upon move-in, you discover that you are not the only tenant in your new space; critters such as mice, squirrels or raccoons (oh my!) have made or found a point of entry and have moved in along with you.

Welcome or not, they probably aren’t going to leave easily. This can seem like a huge problem for someone who is untrained in wildlife removal. For a company such as Halton Wildlife Services, who has a trained team of professional technicians, it is a challenge they are used to facing everyday. They can come out and assess your home, figure out the issue/entry points, set you up with the best plan of action for the removal and then work to prevent the critters from re-gaining access in the future.

Most homeowners that discover critters in their home and try to remedy the solution on their own, find that the problem really isn’t going away. This can be due to the fact that they are using the wrong approach, or could have potential things in their home that are encouraging animals to have a visit.

Some tips to help wildlife from being attracted to your home are:

Keep garbage and pet food in sealed containers

Inspect the exterior of the home (or hire a professional) to check for potential entry points; some critters can squeeze through a very small hole or crack

Ensure food scraps (in the home and outside) are properly disposed into sealed garbage containers

Cut back tree branches that hang over your home; squirrels & raccoons are great climbers and can use these overgrown limbs to get onto your roof

Screen roof vents and place screen over chimney so animals are not able to climb down and potentially get into the home

Clean leaves and debris from your yard; animals could potentially use these materials for nesting

If all else fails, get in touch with a professional company who can humanely remove and prevent critters from getting back into your home.

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