December 17, 2021

Creating a Home Office Space

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Kelsi Cumberland

Creating a Home Office Space

Creating a Home Office Space.

With so many of us working from home nowadays, having a designated space for your office is more important than ever! I’m sharing a few tips today that will help you design your space.

  1. Think about location. When you’re planning out your home office, think about how much time you’ll be spending in there. Consider who will be around when you’re working & how well you deal with distractions. If you’re easily disturbed by noise, it might be a good idea to choose a spot that’s tucked away.

  2. Create a view. If your space has a window, position your desk to face looking outside. If not, I would suggest hanging up some art or creating a photo gallery on one of the walls. This way you have something to look at other than a plain wall.

  3. Light. Especially if your space doesn’t have a window, adding extra light fixtures or a small lamp to the desk can really help brighten it up. You’ll also avoid eye strain or potentially getting a headache from looking at a computer screen for a long period of time.

  4. Get inspired. Gather up a few sentimental pieces, choose some prints with motivating quotes to hang on the wall, paint the walls your favourite colour, etc. There are so many easy ways to create yourself a space that you feel motivated to work in.

  5. Keep it clean. Especially if your space is small, this will help with motivation & overall productivity. Adding floating shelves will maximize the space by keeping clutter off the floor and furniture.

  6. Stay organized. Before you go out and purchase a bunch of bulky things like drawer organizers and cabinets, think about how you work and organize yourself. Measure the space & pick out smaller furniture pieces so the room isn’t packed tightly.

  7. Make it cozy. Remember this is your space and you’ll be spending lots of time in there. Make sure you choose decor you enjoy. Invest in a good, comfy chair. Make the space feel like your own.

If your home doesn’t allow for a home office space & you’re thinking of selling, give me a call and we’ll find your dream home!

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